What Every young woman Should Know about the military

Are you thinking of joining the military?


The military has a huge budget to spend each year on recruitment. Hundreds of millions of dollars in fact. 

They have all the money for advertising, for fancy recruitment buses, for games and entertainments and pay for recruiters everywhere. 

That all goes into telling one side of the story; why you should join the military. 

That is not the whole story.

We believe you have the right to truthful information about military service that recruiters might not tell you.

We are not here to tell you what to do, or not do,

It is your life.

You deserve to have all the information before you decide.

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Why is Gen Z Rejecting the U.S Military?

Before You Enlist (2018)

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Military life is not for everyone.

It may seem obvious,  but take some time to think hard about the fundamental training you will receive in the military: how to fight, how to kill. Later you will be trained for your military job that may or may not be a combat job. But all the jobs exist to support the military mission. All jobs can require you to fight or kill.

Am I willing to kill on order, without hesitation, be it a civilian, woman or child, or be killed myself in service to a mission I may have serious doubts about?

The military is now about 16.5 % women. 

The numbers differ by branch, 

with Navy and Air Force higher and Marines the lowest.

In 2021 1 in 10 veterans were women 

These numbers are going up year by year.

Women are being fiercely recruited.

Is this the right choice for you? 

Take the time to do your research, we are here to help.

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