Before You Enlist Video: A must-see for all people considering joining the military.

G.I. RIghts Hotline: Military discharges and military counseling. Do you know your rights? Call 1-877-447-4487 to get help.

Queer Trans War Ban: Queer and trans people who oppose not only homophobia and transphobia but also war, militarism, and US imperialism.

About Face: Veterans Against the War: Post-9/11 service members and veterans organizing to end a foreign policy of permanent war and the use of military weapons, tactics, and values in communities across the country.

NNOMY (National Network Opposing the Militarization of Youth): "The Pentagon is taking over our poorer public schools. Most are blind or indifferent to the problem. A few strive to protect our democracy."

Center on Conscience & War: Extending and defending the rights of conscientious objectors to war and violence since 1940.

Breaking Cadence: Insights From a Modern-Day Conscientious Objector: Before Enlisting member Rosa del Duca's podcast. Hear perspectives about the military, the Iraq War and conscientious objection you have likely never heard before.

Military Poisons: Pat Elder, who has done extensive research on the U.S. Military’s use of a fire-fighting foam containing high concentrations of very toxic PFAS chemicals, seeks to educate Californians.