Supplemental Video Playlist

Think of the below as supplemental videos to the short documentary "Before You Enlist." These do not need to be played in a certain order, but serve as standalone videos. Most run about five minutes.

Racism in the Miliary

Before Enlisting member and Air Force Veteran Eddie Falcon talks about his experience with racism in the military. An important perspective and vital food for thought for anyone joining the Armed Forces.

What if You Change Your Mind?

Conscientious objector Rosa del Duca talks about what happened when she realized joining the Army National Guard was a huge mistake. (If you would like Before Enlisting to donate a copy of Rosa's memoir to your school, just email us.)

A Marine's Reflections

Shiloh was a Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps from 2005-2012. They answer a few basic questions about their enlistment and what they would have told their younger self before enlisting.

A Combat Veteran Offers Perspective

Victor Inzunza enlisted in the Marine Corps in 2001 and did two tours in Iraq. Today, he is a published poet and Policy Analyst for a veteran’s rights organization. Victor reflects on what young recruits should think about before joining.

Rights You Lose at Boot Camp

Veteran and conscientious objector Rosa del Duca talks about the culture shock of boot camp, and rights she didn't realize she was giving up by signing her contract, including the right to get medical care when she wanted to.

Know Your Rights!

Longtime G.I. Rights Hotline counselor Siri Margerin talks about rights you should be aware of before signing your contract, rights you lose as a member of the military, and rights to remember after discharge.

Military Sexual Trauma

Psychotherapist Roberta Stern talks about what Military Sexual Trauma is, who it affects, and what makes sexual trauma in the military different than trauma in civilian life.

PTSD Explained

Psychotherapist Roberta Stern explains PTSD as it relates to members of the military.