"... an invaluable resource, and a highly engaging experience..."

I am offering the "Before Enlisting" program my very strong endorsement and recommendation, as well as my sincere thanks. This program is an invaluable resource, and a highly engaging experience, to students here at Hayward High School. We're very lucky to be part of it.

"Before Enlisting" was a First Semester "hit" with my students this year. The intro got them instantly hooked, then they leaned forward, eagerly watching and listening intently to the riveting, fact-packed video. The very top highlight, though, was the "veteran speaker" segment. So much education for them, mixed with passion and emotion. My students' questions to the vet were varied and many, and those questions continued long after the "Before Enlisting" team departed. Happily, the pamphlets they left behind for the students continued to help students have their questions answered. Overall, the full presentation was greatly informative, even-handed, friendly, and engaging as can be.

If students wish to hear a one-sided, manipulative, pro-enlisting argument, they have only to ask one of the military recruiters constantly here on campus. Even when they DON'T wish for that story, they're still often approached with it. And so, it's such a welcome, vital, important "balancing" that "Before Enlisting" provides us.

-- Mike Dwyer, Hayward High School