Before Enlisting

WHO We are...

We are teachers, veterans, parents and grandparents. We are men, women or non-binary.

We represent a variety of groups that provide quality information to young people and their families about the realities of military service, and non-military options that may be a much better fit for teens.

Our Mission

We ally with school communities in the San Francisco Bay Area to balance the information and impact of military recruitment campaigns. Our mission is to support and empower all of our youth and their families to make informed decisions about the variety of options available for creating bright and self-determined futures.

We work to...

-Present youth and their families with the full picture about the realities of military service.

-Provide comprehensive information on nonmilitary alternatives.

-Explore peaceful solutions to conflicts.

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Resources for educators, students and presenters.

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Links to organizations we partner with, or simply admire.

Critical information for those enlisting, or those already in the military who are questioning their role.

Contact us by email at beforeenlisting(at)gmail(dot)com, or by phone: (415) 547-0126 We would love to walk you through what we offer (classroom presentations, group discussions, assembly performances, veteran Q&A, Warrior Writers readings...)

If you would like to donate to our work, you can write a check made out to Grandmothers Against War. Send check to: Before Enlisting P. O. Box 13083 Oakland, CA 94661-0083